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What is the SingleHop discount promotion? made a special arrangement with SingleHop, which allows you a 50% cash-back on your first month with SingleHop.

How does it work?

  1. Visit SingleHop using this link: SingleHop Homepage (opens in new screen)
  2. Or, visit SingleHop’s HIPAA solution page: SingleHop HIPAA Compliant Hosting (opens in new screen)
  3. Open a chat with a sales rep, and please mention this line to become eligible for the 50% discount:
    “I am referred by / Partner ID 187760”.
  4. Please note: The 50% cash-back is done by, not by SingleHop! SingleHop just needs to know you are referred by this site.
  5. If you decide to signup with SingleHop, you will receive a client ID and server name. Fill these in into the referral form below.
  6. will contact SingleHop to confirm the purchase and the referral fee. If everything clears, you are paid the 50% cash-back.
  7. Please read the terms of this promotion before signing up with SingleHop.

How much is the SingleHop discount promotion?

If you haven’t done so already, please read the SingleHop review to learn more about their pricing. In general, prices start at $1.500 per month for an entry level HIPAA compliant hosting setup. This means your cash-back will be $750, paid at once.

When will I receive my SingleHop discount?

A new customer needs to be validated by SingleHop. This happens after a new customer is an active paying customer for at least 60 days, after which receives the commission on around the 15th of the following month. This means you receive your cash-back at around 3 months after signing up with SingleHop.

Does the SingleHop discount only applies on HIPAA Compliant Hosting?

No, the discount applies on all types of hosting you order with SingleHop. For certain types of hosting (like HIPAA compliant hosting) you need to have a chat with a sales rep first. But, if you can order directly at the SingleHop website (like with dedicated servers), you can skip step number 3 (chatting with sales).
Always use one of the links mentioned in step 1 or 2 to visit SingleHop.

Terms and conditions of the SingleHop discount promotion want to make this deal as simple as possible, but since we are the ones paying out the cash-back there are a number of terms to which you must abide.

  • is paid a commission by SingleHop for referring new customers, of which a part is returned to the customer signing up with SingleHop.
  • This offer only applies to new customers for SingleHop, who aren’t referred to before by a different partner (this is decided by cookies).
  • A new customer must read through this full page and follow all steps to maximize chances of becoming a validated lead, and becoming eligible for the cash-back.
  • will do anything within it’s powers to make sure a referred customer becomes a validated lead, but there is no dispute possible in case a lead is invalidated by SingleHop.
  • SingleHop determines if a new customer is an validated lead by has no influence in the validation process.
  • A new customer must use the referral form below to become eligible for the cash-back.
  • After receiving the information, will let the customer know by e-mail if the lead is entered as “Pending” in the SingleHop system.
  • If a new customer is validated by SingleHop, and payment to is received, will payout the 50% cash-back to the new customer by PayPal.
  • The validation period begins when a customer signs up with SingleHop, and ends after the 50% cash-back is paid out by
  • During the whole validation period a new lead can become invalidated, at the sole discretion of SingleHop.
  • and SingleHop will always be allowed to change the terms or rules of this SingleHop discount promotion, but changes will be displayed on this page.


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