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Jacco Blankenspoor

  • Jacco,

    Excellent articles on HIPAA compliant hosting. I would like to add that Covered Entities and Business Associates should be focusing on the true merits of HIPAA compliance when it comes to the cloud, and that’s putting in place documented HIPAA information security and operational policies, procedures, and processes. I’ve worked with so many healthcare providers that lack the basic and fundamental documentation for HIPAA compliance, therefore it’s easy to see why non-compliance issues are still a major factor with HIPAA. I also hear healthcare companies express cost concerns about developing such documents, along with implementing risk assessment and security training initiatives, but with all the free and cost-effective tools available (some of them straight from hhs.gov!), there’s really no excuse for not being HIPAA compliant. Everyone needs to be ensuring the safety and security of PHI in the cloud, it’s really that simple, and one of the best ways for doing that is
    putting in place cloud based HIPAA specific policies and procedures. Heather. http://hipaapoliciesandprocedures.com/

    • hipaahq

      Hello Heather,

      thank you for responding and my apologies for this late approval of your comment (it got stuck in the Disqus queue). You add some valuable points here, and I would recommend readers to check out the site mentioned by Heather for more information.