How to combine encrypted email with regular email

It’s not uncommon to turn on the morning news and hear about another company whose information has been compromised. We are living, and working, in a cyber-world and cyber-crime exists as a fact of life for those of us who use computers. This is a guest post written by Laura Miller, Compliance Manager of Aspida. […]

Onramp Review – HIPAA Compliant Hosting

This is a paid review performed by an independent writer, according to our guidelines.See full disclosure the at the bottom of this article.OnRamp Company BioFounded in 1994, OnRamp saw humble beginnings as an ISP retailer in an Austin mall kiosk. Originally providing local businesses with dial-up, ISDN, and T1 connections, OnRamp quickly expanded their service […]

Why your email should be HIPAA compliant

With email only increasing as the main way many patients and organizations want to do business, the advantages of using email far outweigh the risks for healthcare practices. Technology has even made HIPAA compliance for email easier and more affordable than ever.

SingleHop Review – HIPAA Compliant Hosting

 In this SingleHop review I will take a more in-depth look into their HIPAA compliant hosting solution. I will go through their product offering, and their included services and level of support. And I will make a sample price calculation for a typical server offering. I also sent SingleHop a couple of questions to get […]

HIPAA Forms Explained: Privacy and Authorization

Whether you are a patient or a covered entity (e.g. health organization), you will undoubtedly come into contact with a variety of HIPAA forms. To understand your legal duties as a covered entity, or your rights as a patient, you should become very familiar with these legal documents.

HIPAA Compliant Email Explained

The standards established for HIPAA compliant email require safe and secure methods of transmitting healthcare data and information by healthcare providers and their business associates. Like with most business entities, healthcare providers need to communicate using email as well as…