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What exactly is a Business Associate and why do we need an agreement?

Think about any entity, or individual, you allow access to your patient information (or Protected Health Information – PHI) in order to facilitate their job. This could be anyone from an IT company, your practice management system, even your collections agency. Wouldn’t it be nice to know these companies are taking precautions to safeguard your […]

Is Gmail HIPAA Compliant? – The Definitive Answer

“Is Gmail HIPAA compliant?” is probably the most popular question for HIPAA compliant email. It isn’t by default, but we’ll show you how it can be achieved. You can jump to the definitive answer right away, or read further if you want to learn more about the rules and regulations for HIPAA email compliance.

HIPAA Training Resources

Several of HIPAA’s requirements (directly or otherwise) stipulate that covered entities must provide proper privacy training to their employees and contractors. Anyone within your organization who may have access to PHI must receive training on HIPAA policies.

Risks vs Rewards for Physicians Providing Telehealth to Patients

Telehealth is a rapidly growing field in healthcare that allows doctors to provide care to patients remotely, through the use of technology such as video conferencing, phone calls, and secure messaging. By providing patients with a telehealth option, doctors can offer a convenient and efficient way for patients to receive care, without the need for […]

How to Securely Host ePHI on a Public-Facing Website

The rules and regulations of HIPAA Compliance must be adhered to when securely hosting ePHI on a public-facing website. Of course, hosting ePHI on the Internet is perfectly acceptable. Still, it’s essential that the hosting platform and the web application adhere to the strict rules surrounding the physical, technical, and administrative safeguards of HIPAA. Atlantic.Net […]