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NueMD’s 2016 Survey Shows HIPAA Awareness is Increasing

NueMD is a cloud-based medical billing service that administered a HIPAA compliance survey in 2014. The survey intended to gauge knowledge of regulations and compliance measures. In 2016, they issued a follow-up survey to evaluate the change in HIPAA compliance and awareness over time. The 2016 NueMD survey received 927 total responses, 86% from medical […]

Warning: HIPAA Audits Set to Increase in 2017

We all have compounding daily, weekly and monthly tasks that get pushed back due to the fires you have to put out right now. But, eventually those seemingly insignificant tasks have to be addressed.This is a guest post written by Chad Kissinger, Founder of OnRamp. For many in healthcare and healthcare technology, preparing for phase II […]

On Amazon AWS HIPAA Compliance (and How to Get There)

Amazon AWS HIPAA Compliance: How to Get ThereWe field a ton of questions on Amazon AWS HIPAA compliance: is Amazon AWS HIPAA compliant? Can it be? No worries. We’ve got the answers here. Are you thinking about using Amazon Web Services (AWS) to build applications that are compliant with the US Health Insurance Portability and Accountability […]

Why You Should Choose a HIPAA Compliant Fax Service

Introduction to HIPAA Compliant Fax Services: 5 Tips for SafetyHIPAA compliance umbrellas everything done in your practice, and this includes having a HIPAA compliant fax system. Learn how to keep yours secure with these tips. The Health Insurance Portability and Accountability Act (HIPAA) requires that covered entities, including health care providers and their industry partners, protect […]